Charter Flight Services

Go Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want.

Some of the world’s most famous people, from former US Presidents to sports and entertainment celebrities, have taken advantage of Million Air Richmond’s charter flight services. We give you 24-hour access to private jet aircraft that are safe, secure and tailored to meet your specific needs and schedule. Through private charter, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. You share the flight exclusively with the passengers of your choice. There’s simply no better way to fly.

Today’s business and lifestyles require that you connect with more people in more locations on a tighter schedule. The prime advantage of Million Air Richmond’s Aircraft Charter service is that you can focus on the business of your trip without being distracted by the details of getting there. Our entire team is ready to meet or exceed your expectations by bringing together every aspect of your trip to create a flawless flight experience.

What’s more, when you fly with Million Air Richmond, you can land at over 4,000 more airports than commercial airlines, bringing you closer to your destination. Your hassle-free private charter will avoid crowded airport terminals, long check-in lines, airline security procedures, and airline connections and cancellations. Unnecessary delays and expenses are eliminated, because you control the schedule. In the private atmosphere of your chartered aircraft, your flight time is quality time, whether you want to conduct business, read the newspaper, or relax.

  • Impeccable safety record
  • International and Domestic Travel
  • Over 4000 airports
  • Highly trained and experienced flight crews
  • ARGUS Platinum Rated Charter Operator

Your plane was spotless and all of our expectations were exceeded. The flight crew was most helpful and informative.

Everything went very well! I told the pilots all couldn’t have gone any better. Even with the delay in IAD to come here they were only 15 minutes late for their meeting downtown. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome considering the circumstances. Your team did an exceptional job. 2nd passenger was right on time which was outstanding.

The guys did a fantastic job getting me here. Unfortunately, my friend passed away at 6:30. I suppose I should have come this weekend. Thanks so much for your help and please make sure the crew knows I said they did a phenomenal job in getting me here through the storms.

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